Device Detection in SERPS

An Example of Device Detection being used in Google SERPS. Below is a screenshot from a Google search recently made on an iPhone 6 which highlights a feature rolled out by Google earlier in 2014. Interestingly, you’ll notice the first result is in black, rather than blue. This naturally doesn’t catch my attention in … Continued

Example of Google Semantic Search

If you’re looking for an example of Google Semantic Search in action then here’s a simple and easy one! What is Google Semantic Search? Google is constantly improving its search algorithm to provide users with increasingly relevant results and semantic search is just one of these improvements. The way humans understand the links and associations … Continued

LinkedIn Company Follow Button

You can also add a LinkedIn Company follow button to your website which is different to the personal profile ‘connect with me’ button. More commonly on the web we see the personal profile LinkedIn button but much similar to a Facebook Like Box, LinkedIn also have a follow button for company pages. LinkedIn company follow … Continued

How to unsubscribe/unfollow LinkedIn Published Posts

Anyone else getting annoyed at the amount of irrelevant notifications from LinkedIn? Good. Glad it’s not just me. Until recently, I was constantly getting LinkedIn published post notifications on my phone from Linkedin. While I’m more than happy to connect with new people, this doesn’t mean I want to be signed up to follow their … Continued

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Yesterday I passed the Bing Ads Accredited Professional exam. No revision time was necessary as I’m already an approved Google Partner and certified in both Google Adwords and Google Analytics – the principles of both pay per click platforms are basically the same. Despite the subtle nuances between workflows and tools, I scored a respectable … Continued

Self Fulfilling Searches

What we search for is what we find. I’ve been thinking a little deeper about search engine queries and the results we get back. Obviously, we all want to find what we’re looking for when we use a search engine. However, I’m referring to the search query we actually use and how this affects the … Continued

Adwords Scripts

I’ve been exploring Adwords Scripts in order to assist with managing reports, creating dynamic ads and other useful actions in Adwords so wanted to share a few of the resources I’ve come across. If you haven’t used scripts before, I’d certainly recommend checking these out as they can be extremely handy. Google Adwords Scripts Resources … Continued

Lemur Talk at Whipsnade Zoo

During a great day out at Whipsnade Zoo today, I filmed the talk given by the keeper at the lemur enclosure on my phone. It’s not especially well shot but I was really impressed with the sound )

Xbox 360 Slim Wireless Network Adapter Problem

I was devastated earlier today when I started getting an error on my Xbox 360 Slim saying I had a problem with my wireless network Adapter – specifically that I had to connect one when the Xbox 360 Slim already has the adapter built-in. After much googling, it turns out that actually there is no … Continued