Device Detection in SERPS

An Example of Device Detection being used in Google SERPS.

Below is a screenshot from a Google search recently made on an iPhone 6 which highlights a feature rolled out by Google earlier in 2014.

Interestingly, you’ll notice the first result is in black, rather than blue. This naturally doesn’t catch my attention in comparison to the usual blue links found in SERPS. Furthermore, the main title is not a link. Beneath the title, you’ll also see the message “Uses Flash. May not work on your device”. Below this, is the discouraging link to the site titled “try anyway” and a “learn more” link to Google’s explanation to why this is being shown.

Device detection in serps


This SERP has been tailored specifically for the device I am using – an iPhone – which doesn’t support Flash. Google has detected the device I’m using, knows its capabilities and therefore attempted to improve my user experience by serving a page which encourages me to click on results to match the device I’m using.

You’ll notice the grey annotations “mobile-friendly” seek to carry out a similar job albeit through other means.

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