The Forgotten Search Engine

We don’t need to debate the influence of search engines on the web. For the majority of websites, search engines are the primary driver of traffic. How your website ranks can be a major concern for website admins, bloggers and eCommerce managers alike – trust me, I feel your pain!

Higher rankings equate to more traffic. So, if you can find a way to pull any extra traffic through from search results, it’s a massive bonus!

One potential traffic source which often isn’t considered for it’s search benefits is YouTube.

YouTube can be attributed as the second largest search engine on the web with around 1 billion searches each day – compare this with Google at 3 Billion and¬†rivals Bing and Yahoo! who only account for roughly 6% of the search market each (that’s just 200 million searches a day) you quickly start to see the search benefits the video sharing network has to offer…

Is video content something you’ve ever considered for your site?

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