Mark Zuckerberg speaks at DISRUPT SF 2012

The most exciting part of this interview for me was Zuckerberg’s gutsy response to the criticisms surrounding his recent IPO statement.

Zuckerberg pronounced that at Facebook, ‘we don’t build services to make money, we make money to build better services’ – a comment he’s been called on since Facebook shares have dwindled to just half their launch value.

However, sticking to his guns, Zuckerberg defends the philosophy upon which Facebook as been built. He states, ‘we’re a mission driven company’ – which is something I find very exciting. The thought of working towards a set of core values rather than being focussed on improving the bottom line is an attitude I find very refreshing.

On further exploration, it’s a tactic which many of the big tech names do very well. Google seems to instil creativity within their workforce and Apple are almost breeding their own culture.

Do these companies focus on money making ventures, or just great products?

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